A nothing shot ... guesses?

@Claes, this is normally your game, IIRC. Here’s one for you (or anyone) to try, just because.


Rolls of wrapping paper?

No; the orange and the beige-ish coloured items are very different. The scale is close, however.

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Hmmm… Spontaneously, wood-encased pencils?

Venetian blinds and an orange camera strap?

So far @kofa is closest in terms of scale of what is depicted.

Clue: I’ve not been active on the site much due to TRAVEL … and this capture is a brief test-shot after my camera received some less than gentle treatment during my travels.

So, could the beige ones be a pattern on the outside of a corrugated (?right word?) suitcase?

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Think more of the environment around travel, particularly at an airport.

The edge of a red suitcase on luggage rollers?

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Very close, @elGordo

The luggage rollers at the end of the carry-on screening, and the orange is the tray.
As mentioned, my backpack was opened, and the camera bag extracted, and the camera removed and sent through separately in a case of extreme zeal by the screening officers. Hence, I took a quick exposure to ensure all was well.


What a nasty crop :-)))))