a simple CLUT for period of the day

I’ve seen that there are hundreds of CLUTs available and applicable.
My question is:

  • is there a simple CLUT to apply color variations based on the main periods of the day? For instance a CLUT having something like:
  • early morning, morning, late morning, noon, etc…

Are you asking for CLUT to be generated according to time of the day? Yes, G’MIC has access to datetime.

Thanks for the reply.
I was asking whether there IS a CLUT among all those available which contains a short list of (pre-)sets for the colors of the image like “MORNING” or “EVENING” etc

That would be multiple CLUTs then.
There are a few CLUTs for doing this in G’MIC, but I don’t think they cover all moments of the day.

Thanks, I had a look into and in fact I didn’t find a series for at least the major situations (MORNING, MIDDAY, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT). Another series of a few CLUTs could be for the seasons (SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER).
I hope that someone of those who did create so many CLUTs can create them. For the common users (not photographers) it would be quite useful.

Actually, that is something I’m interested in.
We could add a new “Category” of CLUTs specifically for this task (like “Hours” or “Seasons”),
by referencing already existing CLUTs, or new CLUTs done for this.

Do you know that you can create your own CLUTs with the “CLUT From After - Before Layers” filter ? If you manage to create the “missing” CLUTs you need, then I could add them afterwards as new presets in the new categories.

Thanks David, at the moment I’m not able to do the “color variations” for a specific time or season, I’m sorry.

It is an interesting problem. As a first go, I’d be tempted to construct a Blender scene with objects of various colors and saturations, globally illuminated with the Sky Texture, which models atmospheric lighting with the sun at different azimuths and elevations, the atmosphere in different conditions, and the scene itself at some elevation. From this I can generate reference images for use with “CLUT From After - Before Layers.” But the entire endeavor seems fraught with aesthetic peril, as the “Morning” CLUT that I would produce from this effort might not be convincing to your eye. I could foresee libraries of “Time of Day” or “Seasonal by Locale” CLUTS, produced by various people through different schemes and reflecting the tastes and aesthetics of their creators, that others would use (or avoid) as they see fit. The libraries might get quite large, and difficult to navigate, as versions to address one time of day and/or place and/or season proliferate. Ah, @dinasset, an easy question to ask…

Thanks Garry, you’re right, there is no one single way to create those CLUTs, but for the average users at least is something to begin (then, maybe, not use for a specific image); also those two o three which can be found around are not always satisfactory. Sometimes is better than neverI undesrantd your ironical comment to my easy question…

Certainly true. And with my caveat emptor in place and understood, then perhaps a CLUT creation tutorial is in the offing that could take, as a premise, a set of CLUTS that address different times of day. As a tutorial writer, I am possessed with a mind sufficiently naive and optimistic that I can confidently go where angels fear to tread. And if the “Morning” CLUT that such an effort produces doesn’t even pass the laugh test, then all have been warned. I have been meaning to fool with CLUTS for some time now.


Make a space-themed one!
E.g., from the moon on star date and peak at such and such

?Are you saying that to me or to Garry?

I jest, though it would be nice. It was directed to no one in general.

The point is that there are many factors to consider, e.g., where you are on the planet, the atmosphere and which celestial body. Ha ha.

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@afre is looking for the Chesley Bonestell filter. Whatever the selected image may be, it is transformed into a view of Saturn from one of its moons.

Well, probably not. Whatever I might do as a tutorial will look like a simplified Customized CLUT filter, to wit: a pipeline that expands a small handful of specifically desired color shifts — say, magenta to reddish rose, grey to a warm earth tone, bluish-violet to blue-green, and have some other colors locked-down (No matter what, ‘Alice Blue’ cannot change!), and have G’MIC interpolate such a sampling into some full-sized Color Look Up Table, one that might be named ‘Springtime Irish Morning’ — or after some long-gone-but-deeply-cherished film stock that the CLUT emulates. Photographers might gravitate to the latter while digital artists reach for the former, but to G’MIC it is just a CLUT: specific instructions for moving color space points around, and, in doing so, is unaware if the transform is ‘photographic’ or ‘artistic’ or both or neither. It is just a transform.

I think what @dinasset brings to the fore is a need for some purpose-oriented CLUT classification scheme, something along the lines of what @David_Tschumperle suggested above, so that CLUTS suitable for bringing about a certain mood can be found under mood-oriented rubrics (a “CLUT set”). There’s two parts to that. Writing the rubrics (seems easy) and classifying CLUTS within an apt set (seems that would take some judgement — and time to exercise such: is “Faded 47” a good “Evening Mood” filter?). In the present setting, there are the “Collage utilities” operating within CLUT containers like Simulate Film or Color Preset, so it is possible to get a quick read on what a set of CLUTS offer. Or one can roll their own with CLUT from After - Before Layers or Customized CLUT. The first simply asks that one adjust a doppelganger color wise until the mood is met, invoke the filter and save the resulting CLUT file. That obtains a CLUT set exactly to one’s liking and aesthetic.

Apologies for what is probably a stupid question - what would one use such LUTs for?
I’m not much a G’mic user, as more of a documentary style photographer. But interested!

These are samples of what I did years ago modifying R,G.B
(in the name is set the simuation, e.g.“Morning”)


I’ve converted your edits to color LUTs :


Late Evening:
diego_Late Evening



How did you do these color edits ? can these CLUTs be considered as “original” ?
Do you think it’s interesting to add those CLUTs directly in a new section if G’MIC’s Color Presets filter ?

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I did them applying Gimp R,G,B values modifications thru Gimp functions.
Yes, they are made originally by me (it’s one of my stored gimp filters).
But I hope to see something clever than my simple attempts.

For what it’s worth I use G’MIC to apply a tiny but not insignificant amount of sharpening and/or grain on all my images that have been downscaled for the web. I see it as kind of a final mastering step.

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