A style [of presets] to share

Hi :slight_smile:

Despite being a long-devoted and happy user of base curve , I haven’t given up on learning the modern approach simultaneously.

My second, but not less important, goal was to work out a new style for my edits, more or less resembling the look of analog film.

Well, Filmic RGB should be extremely helpful on this :wink:

Remap the tonal range of an image by reproducing the tone and color response of classic film.

There were two conditions, though - the style cannot be harmful at all, fitting all the pictures as a safe default ready-to-go and/or starting point and no LUTs allowed - darktable built-in tools only.

I have tested it on my photos and those below, from Signature Edits:

To look good, it should only require a boost to the exposure (be generous with it) and / or adjusting the mask in Tone Equalizer.

I hope it can be helpful, especially for the newcomers to darktable :slight_smile:

Also, although I have been learning a lot from many of you and enjoying following countless interesting discussions and explanations (tireless @anon41087856 !), I’d like to thank @difrkaguilar for sharing his ideas, workflow and files with me :handshake:

Here’s the download, feel free to use it:
Leniwiec Film Stock.dtstyle (4.4 KB)

Module list


Thanks for your kind words, the new style is great, and thanks a lot to all of you and this excellent platform for learn and share knowledge and resources.


Thanks for sharing.

The explanation and link to the images is very helpful.

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