a trous wavelet usage in a script file - tried WAVELET and WRECONS on command line

Help only says this for “command line” usage and docs are about as vague.

wavelet nbr_plan type
wrecons c1 c2 c3 …

even a few clear examples of usage would help?

if we could save our plan settings then we wouldn’t have to manually re-enter the plans every time we process another (planetary) image - or if I could get CL to work to work with these pair of commands, I could make script and/or save it in .txt file

I don’t know if you saw this new documentation (not finished yet): À Trous Wavelets Transform — Siril 1.2.0 documentation

How works the CLI.
First you need to extract the plane. For example 6 planes in BSpline:

wavelet 6 2

You just do it once.
Then you can play with the planes, like in the UI in fact. Each coeff correspond to a slider:

wrecons 10 5 3 1 1 1

Play with these parameters as much as you want. For example

wrecons 1 1 1 1 1 1

gives original image.

@Craigar Welcome to the forum!

wavelet nbr_plan type

if this …

Computes the wavelet transform on nbr_plan plans using linear (type =1) or bspline (type =2) version of the ‘à trous’ algorithm.

was written like this

Computes the wavelet transform on (nbr_plan =1…6) plan(s) using linear (type =1) or bspline (type =2) version of the ‘à trous’ algorithm. Requires a number for both parameters.

then I would know it needs TWO parameters
I didn’t realize that nbr_ meant “number of”

If the example you gave me was in either in CLI “help” or the old documentation I would have deduced it. The new docs are much better and very good that you included this example and the relative screenshot! I Thank You and your team for such a great astro app!

Thank you

Thank You Alan - it’s very helpful!