A view of Paris from Montmartre

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I wonder how you found black points values.
I tried too, but starting from neutral profile i’ve found values so different from yours.
Maybe a scaling?
My attempt was too dark.

I used the RT poor_man_dehaze branch, which spits out the values in terminal :wink:

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I love @heckflosse “dehaze” feature, used it in my edit too. Nice to use in combination with the soft light module.

I do hope it will find its way into the next stable version for others to enjoy.


Mon Dieu! Montmartre certainly has changed since I was there (60 years ago). Here is my interpretation of your photo.

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Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Grey city :wink:

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That works nicely indeed :slight_smile: Didn’t use soft light for a while and almost forgot about it :frowning:

Thanks for posting, I tried to play with faded colors and LUT, so differents results. I posted 3 of them
based on the same base dev (filmic, color balance, sharpen,…) _DSC0286_01.NEF.xmp (25.5 KB)

LUT Fuji Trans III AstiaLUT

Lukas Ericksen LUT Abell.

LUT vintage Chrome

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Tried to practice some local adjustments with the latest RT build. My objective was to get a pleasing sky and make the smoke pop without affecting the buildings. Still confused about a lot in the LA tab but I’m getting there… :slight_smile:

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Tuts on rawpedia clarify a lot…

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Just in case you are not aware: There’s a very nice video out there made by
Andy Astbury about L*a*b and specifically the RawTherapee Lab adjustments module:

Raw Therapee Basics: The Lab Adjustments Photo Editing Tutorial


Oh yeah, I know about those tutorials and I think I get the basics. But boy, it’s a rabbit hole. :smiley:

Shamelessly promoting my small contribution to the topic :wink: :

Oh I’ve seen that video some time ago, too. I was talking about the Local Adjustments tab, though.

Is the big building complex on the right the “Bibliothèque nationale de France; François-Mitterrand site”? I think so, it is 6,3 km from the “Sacré-Cœur”.

(Gzen92, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia)

Oops sorry.

Interesting photo to play with!
Used RGB curves a bit …

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