Aachen Christmas market


This is my first post here. If you have any advice, comments,… :slight_smile:
This shot was taken this year at the Aachen Christmas market.

Thanks !


Hi @Amaury_De_Ganseman, and welcome!

I just sent you a PM…

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi Amaury, welcome!

Nice shot… I love the lighting and atmosphere. The lighting draws interest to the people and roundabout in the lower right hand side… The soft-ish contrast of the background works really well with the richness of detail in the buildings. I like the nice square perspective too.
The only bit I’m not quite sure about is the electrical cable and light… or is it a security camera? It adds interest, but possibly feels a little out of place.
Obviously there’s not much you could have done though! :axe: :wink:
BTW, don’t take my comments as anything more than my opinion… I’m no expert!