About OM System RAW embedded lens correction metadata support

Hi, Alberto,

Verifying with some sample RAW files available at Pixls.us ( https://raw.pixls.us/ ), ART can read the RAW embedded lens correction metadata for Olympus cameras, but the data for OM System cameras It seems like it can’t be read.
darktable can read lens correction data for both Olympus and OM System (except for OM-1 Mk II, which darktable does not yet support). So I suspect there may be some simple error in porting the code from darktable (such as typo in the manufacturer name or something).

It would be helpful if you could check it.

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Does it happen with all OM files? Otherwise a link to a problematic one would be helpful, thanks!

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At least metadata of following standard orf files of OM-1 and OM-5 cannot be read.



Thank you for your attention.


Seems to work fine here:

did you build ART yourself? Maybe you need to update your exiv2 version.

This - at least v0.27.6 is needed for OM System MakerNote support.

Thank you for your reply.

I confirmed this phenomenon with windows binary of Ver. 1.22 on Windows 10.

Should I build ART myself?

Indeed, looks like my windows VM still has 0.27.5 installed. I’ll see if I can upgrade for the next release

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Sorry to butt in. It works but not fine. The white balance temperature is way off.

ART 1.22 on Leap 15.5

Here’s an orf file


Here’s the arp for that orf file


  $ exiv2 --version
  exiv2 0.28.2


$ exiv2 dogs-west-vancouver-20240607-2009.orf
File name       : dogs-west-vancouver-20240607-2009.orf
File size       : 18699144 Bytes
MIME type       : image/x-olympus-orf
Image size      : 5220 x 3912
Thumbnail       : None
Camera make     : OM Digital Solutions   
Camera model    : OM-1MarkII      
Image timestamp : 2024:06:07 10:31:05
File number     : 
Exposure time   : 1/750 s
Aperture        : F5.6
Exposure bias   : 0 EV
Flash           : No, compulsory
Flash bias      : 0/256
Focal length    : 122.0 mm
Subject distance: 6.42 m
ISO speed       : 200
Exposure mode   : Shutter priority
Metering mode   : Multi-segment
Macro mode      : Off
Image quality   : 
White balance   : 5300K (Fine Weather)       <<<<<<<<<<<

While ART reports a white balance of 16004