About the resolution of the main screen

About the resolution of the main screen.Is it possible to increase the resolution of the main screen?For example, Darktable screen.My desktop is iMac27 inches.The display setting is the default

@koppe_Koppe Welcome to the forum! Could you please explain what you mean by ‘increase the resolution’? Is the GUI too small to read on your screen?

The picture is fuzzy. It’s clear in darktable. Of course it’s the same picture.

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Can you try to switch on this checkbox and restart RawTherapee? Is that an improvement?

I will send you two photos.it ’ s rawtherape another darktable

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how is the result after export? how does it look magnified by 100% or more? And: did you check the performance settings under preferences? may be RT is showing just a rough preview due to lack of performance.

There are two aspects of this.

  1. When an image has been processed with a 1.1 module, (in RT) when zoomed out to say fit page, this view doesn’t show the 1.1 effect, so therefore is softer.
    I have asked many times if it is possible to have a zoomed out view, I know there are the 100% detail window views but it would be good to see the effects on fit whole image to page view.
  2. If I view a tack sharp etc jpeg image in both darktable and RT, the darktable one is slightly sharper and clearer.
    These are my experiences on a laptop, on a 4k monitor things might be different.

I know ART has a setting that says something like show the effects of sharpness in preview or something like that …as its a fork of RT it must be possible but maybe not something RT devs want to change??

To me this looks like a HiDpi (4k/8k) scaling issue.

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Thank you for your support. I’m sending you two screenshots. The screen resolution is 4k. Rawtherapee is blurry.

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