About the Showcase category

This is the place to exhibit your finished works. You’ve sweated over, modified, adjusted, and tweaked until you finally reached this version of your vision. The one you want to share with everyone to really show what you’re capable of producing!

Don’t let that hyperbole scare you off! Use this category as an opportunity to show the rest of us what types of things you’re playing with, proud of, and want to share. I’m fairly certain everyone here is a sucker for a great image (even if they don’t all agree what a great image is). So show us!

Feel free to include as much information as you’d like (remember we’re all here to learn - so the more the better).

If you want to link an image from another service, like Flickr or 500px, remember that you can simply put a URL to the image on that service to get an automatically linked version:


will look like this:


And for 500px:


Or, of course, feel free to just drag & drop (upload) directly to the forum (just remember that at the moment we have to keep it under 3MB in size. (I can push this up if we need to).

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