Abstract Photography in a small town on the outskirts of Paris.

Here are some abstract/street photos from the past two days. Would like to get some constructive criticism. Mostly went for a film look for some pictures.




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Can you please add a label or file name to each photo so we can be clear what we are talking about?

I like #8 and #10. The former for the rainbow stopping at the stop sign, and the latter for the dynamic range (not flat and dim like the others) and reflection.

The stop sign stops the rainbow :grin:
That’s definitely my favorite!
What a pity that there are also two lines crossing the rainbow.
I would try to get rid of them using gimp…

Hi Tarun, thanks for sharing your shots. I like your approach and you have a natural way of not trying to take a “perfect” photo, which I feel is more intentional than not. Subjects are cut off and while my initial reaction is to think this is too severe, it seems to work in many situations for you.

Some thoughts here:

#3. The colors are wonderful and I like the crooked yet straight feel of the house.

#6. The crossing of the rainbow and lines are well placed. Also smart to leave in just a bit of the powerline transformers in the upper left corner.

#9. The rainbow cuts off in the top half making two worlds. I might try to bring up the light on the road a bit more to give the bottom “world” a bit more pop to draw the eye in.

#10. I like this one, especially the circular sky around of the figure of the person in the bumper. The shape of the person is a reverse of the thick vertical dark line that runs down the windshield.


Sure! Why not.

Thank you for your view. I liked #8 too. Well! My pics are mostly dark. Both in terms of editing and captures. What else can you expect from a man who admires Zack Snyder’s work :sweat_smile:

Thank you! I love that pic too.

Ahh! I have zero knowledge in GIMP/Photoshop. I know it’s embarassing for a photographer to say this but I never got enough guidance to learn it.

Thank you. Yes! That was purely intentional. I was intentionally carrying a single 50mm lens that way to be more creative with my shot and perspective. I tried to take abstract photos. I absolutely love them. I see these film photographers clicking some random things yet there’s something beautiful about them.

I edited this picture for quite a long time. Wasn’t sure if it was a good edit or not though. I messed with the channels tool (which I never dared to touch)

I don’t know why you said it was smart of me to leave the transformer line. I just find it straight up lazy. I could’ve removed it with GIMP but as mentioned in above comment, I don’t have much idea about it. Wish I could do something with it. :frowning_face:

I tried to do it but it was hard to do it without any local adjustments tool. The whole image was getting blown out and I wasn’t able to see the rainbow if I did something.

Haha! Had no idea about that person in the reflection till you mentioned.

I mentioned it too and liked it that way.

Haha! Didn’t read those last two words :joy: