Access Module Parameters via LUA

Is there a way to turn on/off darkroom modules via lua? And further more, adjust their values?

I think it could be very hand to have a lua script that matches the exposure of one image to all the selected images:

Look at the main image’s ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and Exposure module’s values.
Calculate EV difference of subsequent images to this main image
Turn on an Exposure module set with a value to compensate for the difference

This would be a quick way to edit many photos taken using Av or Auto ISO with slight variances to have a similar look, by simply editing one image and matching a group of images to that image.

As far as I am aware this cannot be done, but thought I would ask / mention it anyway.

No and no. Both is sadly not possible. Perhaps @wpferguson knows if there is any progress in the Lua API.

@Tobias, I haven’t been working on the API since the changes I made earlier this year. Life reared up and swamped me, so I haven’t been able to spend much time on code.

@BzKevin, I think what you’re looking for should probably be a module, and not a script. In order to accomplish setting a consistent exposure, you need access to the image data and image functions. Sending that back and forth to a lua script might be possible, but I think the overhead would make it terribly slow.

The exposure module has an auto mode, but i don’t know how good it works.