Accidental style, how to reproduce?

So I applied a style that I saved earlier to some of my images and the colours were totally off. I found out that this was due to an incorrectly set “raw black/white point” module. Looks like I accidentally saved a setting with my style. However, I moved the slider around and suddenly there was a look I simply loved! You may not like, or maybe you do, but to me it looked so much like some nostalgic film photo (or even like an old digital camera) that I wanted to reproduce it, so I saved it and applied it some others of my holiday pictures and it worked well.

However, there are two problems with that: 1) raw black/white point is really not a creative but a technical module. It should be possible to achieve the same with a creative module. And 2) it is highly camera dependent and only works with my Pentax K-3.

I tried a few different things but I couldn’t find another and predictable way to arrive at the same result. Can you point me to a way to do this?

So here is what I did:

  • Change “raw black/white point” from 1/1/1/1/16124 to 100/100/100/100/~10000 (Where ~ means approximatley). This gives a lovely green cast (if it is too much I use 100/150/100/100/~10000. It also decreases the dynamic range of the camera and stretches the contrast.
  • Apply a global offset in “color balance rgb” to soften the blacks.
  • Add grain!

It looks like this:


Raw and sidecar:
IMGP0819.DNG (29.6 MB)

IMGP0819.DNG.xmp (7.5 KB)

License: You can do anything you like with the photo within this thread. Since this is personal it shouldn’t be shared outside. Is that a valid license?

Hi @firefrorefiddle!

How about this play? Did I overgreen her?

Developed in RT5.9-dev, in principle using two modules:
Local adjustments/Log encoding and White balance.

IMGP0819.DNG.pp3 (15.3 KB)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

You know that the forum is public, right? Anyone on the internet can see the photos, without logging in!


Thanks István, I know that and of course I’m fine with that.

And I wouldn’t even guess that anyone would take any image from here - let alone such a stupid little pic of a kid - and share it anywhere else or whatever. It’s just that I like to reserve my rights on a picture of my child, so if I have to state a license - and I’ve been asked to do that before - I don’t want to totally put it in the public domain, so I thought I’d restrict it to this thread.

Hi Claes,

well… yes, you have. :wink:

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IMGP0819.DNG.xmp (11.9 KB)
exposure (general adjust)
channel mixer (boost green in green and remove some in red and blue pixels to compensate)
filmic (adjust what I want to see in highlight and blacks, adjust highlight saturation)
colour balance RGB (manage color casts and saturation according to brightness an re adjust contrast/brightness)

A tad of local contrast and contrast equaliser for details and general contrasts

It could be easily tune to really exact match I guess

Yeah, Naturally having kids I take a lot of pictures of them but as hinted by @kofa 's comment I tend not to share in public space :slight_smile: that said your challenge was in my competences ^^

Sorry @firefrorefiddle I won’t play this Play Raw.

Nowadays t’s called Sharenting (search for it) the posting of photos, personal information online of your children without realizing or fully considering there are real potential consequences for the children in the long run.

I like the photo, and I know you’ve posted it in good faith, but…

Hi Michael,
I share your liking for the accidental style :slightly_smiling_face:
And it’s a lovely photo too, one that I’d be proud to have in a family album. I do share the feelings that the other’s have mentioned - I think the photo is a bit too personal (which is what makes it so good) to be publicly accessible.
Having said all that, I had a good go at reproducing it. I used your xmp to start with, reset the black point module, then ended up using rgb curves and a little bit of color calibration in a new instance.
It’s not 100% but I think it’s quite good :smile:
style for firefrofiddle 2.dtstyle (4.2 KB)
What do you think…

I guess you could like the look (OP edit) but it also damages information in the original that could be used to give a nicer result. The front of the car the left arm and the left side of the face get driven to white/blown. The original has that information so you could still brighten the dark skin and do some dodging and burning and not introduce damage to the photo… So tweaking those parameters might have given a sort of global look that is overall pleasing but it also creates local damage for lack of a better term… IMO…which as I always say amount to not much

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I kind of agree, but I think the loss of info is part of the look and the goal… just IMO! (doesn’t mean very much)

Yeah, losing information doesn’t matter here.

Thanks for the effort, guys! I am still a bit confused as to what exactly makes what I want and curiously when I transfer your styles to other pictures the result is a lot different then when I transfer my funny version.

However, I don’t think playing around with color calibration is going to do it. I am thinking about an easy explanation what’s actually happening when I adjust the black point pre-demosaicing. It’s not just a green cast, but more of a color compression, or it just throws it off a bit. I am going to keep experimenting and take your efforts into account!

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JFYI I thought I was on the right track when I started using rgb curves - thought it might be similar to what the black point was doing… but somehow it’s not the same. I still think it might be the closest. But haven’t a clue really :sweat_smile: