Add new RAW format support to old RT release

(James Bennett) #1

Due to the requirements of other software, I am restricted to using Mac OS 10.7, and therefore RT 4.2.1. However, it appears this does not support the RAW format (.NEF) used by my new Nikon D7500, as the photos have a magenta hue to them. I presume this isn’t a white balance problem in camera, as the JPEGs look fine. Is there a way of adding such support to this release of RT? Or, alternatively, is there software out there that could be recommended to convert my RAW photos to a recognised format?
In case it helps, here is one of the files:

Thanks in advance – hope I can get back to using RT soon!

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Search your system for camconst.json, then edit the file and add this:

    { // Quality B
        "make_model": "Nikon D7500",
        "dcraw_matrix": [ 8813,-3210,-1036,-4703,12868,2021,-1054,1940,6129 ], // adobe dng_v9.12 d65
        "ranges": { "white": 16300 } // WL value is for 14-bit files, RT auto adapts it for 12-bit files. WL typical 16383 set to 16300 for safety,

(James Bennett) #3

Hi Morgan_Hardwood

Thanks so much for your reply. I have entered that text into the camconst.json file, but unfortunately to no avail. In case the “make_model” value wasn’t recognised, I changed that to “Nikon D7500 + AF 105mm F/2.8”, which matches the first line in the info provided by clicking the “i” button. Strangely, that rendered the photo a more pale magenta, but magenta nonetheless.

Might any of those values under “dcraw_matrix” need changing?

Many thanks

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

Maybe you have more than one camconst.json file and inserted it into the wrong one - search your system.

Insert the text as I gave it, make no changes.

Run RawTherapee from a console - you will see a warning if camconst.json fails to parse if you inserted the text incorrectly.

When you changed the make_model you essentially broke it. The fact that you saw a difference after breaking it means that you probably did insert the text in the correct file. If so, and if using the text I gave does not lead to correct colors, that probably means that RT 4.2 has other issue concerning that raw file, but I won’t be spending more time supporting an unsupported version of RT.

(James Bennett) #5

Thanks. Unfortunately, it looks like it must be some other problem with the RAW file. For anyone else who may come across this thread, I’ve just tried out Darktable, and it renders the colours as expected.