Add .xcfxz to the list of uploadable Images

It would be usefull to be able to upload .xcfxz files. They are much smaller than the standard xcf files from Gimp.


Here’s a few different compression options with GIMP. I’ll add them to the list as soon as I get a moment!

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Which type of compression would you recommend? I normally save as XCF.

I think xz has the best compressen.

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Hmm. I never really compared them. When I needed compression I’ve always just used .xcf.bz2 personally.

Ok, I’ve enabled both .xcfxz and .xcf.xz for upload - please test when you get a moment and let me know if it all works ok!

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Here comes the test.test.xcfxz (1.2 KB)
.xcfxz works. :+1:
.xcf.xz dont work. :-1: