Adding an Adjustment Point to a Curve

I am a relatively new RawTherapee user with a Widows 10 desktop. When using curves in various applications, I would like to be able to select a point in the image preview to know where that falls on the curve. I follow the tip to press Ctrl and left-click on the image but no new point then appears on the curve. This happens In all the applications with curves that I have tried.

I have searched RawPedia but have found nothing helpful and a search on here has not yielded an answer either. I assume that there must be a setting of some sort either have or have not set but I have not come across it. Help will be appreciated.

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I don’t have RT in front of me but from memory there are two buttons, vertically arranged adjacent to the top right of the curve. The top buttoned needs to be “on”. As you mouse over your image, verticals lines will indicate where you are on your curve. crtl-left click will add a point to the curve.

just tried with yesterday’s first release candidate (5.10) on Windows 11:
it works as expected.

As suggested by bobm both buttons must be enabled to add a point (red) on the curve (Ctrl and left-click)

Thanks for your help. Things work with the proper buttons activated.

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