Adding and removing drawn masks from list of masks used by module

I’d like to, for example, make some tonal correction on model’s eyes and nose. I have few masks - two ellipses on eyes, path on nose, some gradient on background. I added two masks to Tonal Equalizer module, made some changes then I see effect and decide to leave tonal corrections only for nose. How can I remove mask from list in module?
Of course I can reset module, add only masks I need and re-make all changes, but it probably isnt “the way”.

Here is some quick illustration.

You used to right click and select delete, but I haven’t performed this action in 3.2.

Tried your tip, doesn’t work in 3.2.1. I can add new mask, edit existing, invert but no way to remove. I have this picture still open, so now i have “3 shapes used” (including brush from example) and let’s say I want to remove this brush mask from list, but not from my process (as this mask can be used in other modules).

Any idea?

And after about two or three weeks of intensive use, I would like to thank you @paperdigits. Thank to your tips, I’m getting better at fast and accurate use of DT.

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I’ve fixed the “cleanup unused shapes” option in the mask manager module for v3.4. For now, all of the unused masks are listed at the bottom of the mask manager and they aren’t marked with an icon (indicating their use in a mask or group). So you can just multi-select them and delete. You might have to compress history first.

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T(h)anks. Will try out 3.4
But problem is not in “deleting unused”. Let’s say I have 5 masks. All of them I need in some parts of process. I included three of them (eyes and nose for example) in module XYZ but then I decide that I would only like to apply XYZ module effect on two of them (only eyes, continuing my example). But I still need drawn nose mask in two other modules.
I search for any option to remove nose mask from list of shapes used by XYZ module, not to remove this mask completely from my process.

Oh. Just show the masks and right-click on the one you want to remove. It will still be available to other masks. When you reuse the masks on another module select “same shapes as exposure” for example instead of selecting “grp exposure” and then you can edit the masks independently

This works.

But this:


I can only show list with “drawn mask 3 shapes used” but cannot do anything else sith this list.

I can only delete mask in mask manager:

But then the mask disappears from all modules where it was used.

I mean you need to show the shapes on the image and then right click on the shape outline that is shown on the image.

I’ve edited the draft user manual to clarify the other options:

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Works. Thanks

And a while ago I found this:
Przechwycenie obrazu ekranu_2020-11-11_05-22-42

I can even use 2 masks normally, third mask inverted and remove the rest, leaving them for other modules. That’s what I needed.

BIG RED BUTTON , only not in module but in mask manager…

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