Adding color to a missed sunset

I have tried a pair of versions with art. In the second i made the sea color look like the sky with a gradient mask and color correction tool

sunset1r.jpg.out.arp (11.2 KB)

sunset2r.jpg.out.arp (11.2 KB)

A very quick play in GIMP using only colours that exist in the original.

This was a very difficult task, because you had to do a lot of corrections before you could do the color task. And the result is accordingly rather bad.

Based on the original colors, I think a tetrad with a primary pair (pastel blue-green) and a complementary pair (saturated red-pastel brownish) fits here:


My try:

sunset_04.cr2.xmp (23,6 KB)


Difficult to add something that is not there and keep the image believably.

sunset.cr2.xmp (6.8 KB)

Here is my version.

Before and after:

sunset.cr2.xmp (9.5 KB)


sunset.missed.colour.pp3 (19.4 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development.

Interesting edit…


Thanks for posting funny game… my edit
darktable 3.6

sunset_03.cr2.xmp (16.8 KB)


Mostly local adjustments.

sunset.cr2.pp3 (36.1 KB)


I agree with @s7habo , the trickiest part is at the correction stage, but here’s my try
1st variation:

sunset.cr2.xmp (40.2 KB)

2nd variation:

sunset_04.cr2.xmp (45.6 KB)

dt 3.7


My version GIMP

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Thank you everyone for the helpful examples of how to process this challenging photo!

A little late, but anyway…

Simple tools, I just cranked up the HSL saturation a bit, and used a second white balance to crank down the blue and crank up the red. A contrasty filmic, and 'ere y’go, in rawproc:

Got a weird upper-left and bottom-right vignette going in the raw; if I were industrious, I’d take it to GIMP and do a proper vignette…

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Another attempt in GIMP. I made a selection of the sky and then gradually increased the saturation of various regions using my saturation mask plugin. It is slightly more realistic than my previous try, but I am still not convinced by the result!

@s7habo I’m not sure what you exactly do to come from a paletton palette from their website to the exact adaptions in darktable, but that didn’t keep me from trying it by:

  1. clicking together a suitable set of colors and color harmony on paletton website
  2. trying to come as close to the colors with darktable modules color calibration and color balance RGB - but just using my eyes

Is there a more “scientific” or measureable way of changing an image to meet an color harmony created on paletton?

sunset_06.cr2.xmp (9.2 KB)

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Please do not! Use the color harmony only as orientation / inspiration. Do not limit yourself unnecessarily. You will already recognize yourself whether the colors fit or not.


Hi, this is my attempt with complementary colors (hue 20 and 200) e without seagull (too difficult to manage for me).

sunset.cr2.xmp (15.2 KB)

color…possibly a bit exaggerated

Adding color to a missed sunset_sunset.cr2.xmp (12.8 KB)

Interesting challenge!
Here is my attempt:

sunset.cr2.xmp (11.8 KB)

I did almost everything with color balance rgb and with masks (4 different instances, to get the colors I wanted in the sky, in the water, and the warm reflections in the water)


Nice, I like the orange reflected in the waves!

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Thanks! it was fun. This is the best I could achieve.

darktable-3.6: sunset.cr2.xmp (12.8 KB)

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