Adding or Editing Collection Crashes digiKam

Situation Resolved = See my next post.

64-bit Windows 7 Pro machine
digiKam version 7.3.0

Collection, Album, Folder; depending on where in digiKam one is looking, they carry many different names.

When I go to Settings > Configure digiKam > Collections and either Add a Collection or edit an existing collection, no matter whether it is a single collection or several, I click the Okay button, the Configure digiKam window closes, a few seconds later a single blue bar 12% appears in the progress bar, then digiKam crashes — every time.

When I re-open digiKam, whatever additions or edits I performed are all there and seem to have worked.

digiKam did not used to do this; is anyone else experiencing this problem ?

How do I fix ? Thanks.

So far, the problem is absent in stable version 7.10.0 and also in Weekly Snapshot version 8.0.0

A huge Thank You to the people who fix such things and keep the program running.