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I can not seem to figure out how to add output profiles to Darktable. I have used Terminal to search for the folders listed in 3.8 manual, but these folders do not exist in 4.2.1_arm64.dmg build. Is there a new output file location; where is this on macOS? I do not see any information in the 4.0 manual. Any help would be appreciated!

I would like to use/export files into eciRGB_v2_ICCv4.icc

3.8 manual instructions:
and $HOME/config/darktable/color/out (where $DARKTABLE is the darktable installation directory and $HOME is your home directory). The output color profile may also be defined within the export module.

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Hi Chris and welcome to Pixls!

The directory in question, color/out inside darktable’s configuration directory, does not exist when installing darktable.

You need to create those yourself if need be and then place the output profile you want/need into that directory. Once that is done it will be available for usage in the export profile section of the output color profile module. You need to do this when darktable is not running.

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config folder should (probably) on macOS (like on Linux) hidden on your home folder. So think about display hidden folders to find it. Or try with .config instead of config in Terminal.

I’ve seen this come up numerous times in the past. Is there a reason why an empty color/out directory is not created by the install?

We don’t create folders that won’t have anything in them by default.

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OK, I’ll have a look to see whether these people should have known this via RTFM.

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The configuration and operation files of darktable.pdf (183.9 KB)

I came across this document a few years back …not sure if something like this is summarized in the manual but I guess if it was it might be helpful…

I checked the current manual (, and it does not mention that color/in and color/out are not created by the install. I also could not find any mention of the policy of not creating folders that do not contain anything by default.

Honestly, if I read instructions to put something in a folder and that folder did not exist, I would expect that there had been an install problem, not that it’s on me to create the folder, absent any clarifying statement.

Want a PR?



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OK probably later this week. Work is pretty busy right now.

Edit: done. Add indication that color/in and color/out directories must be created by user by gordhub · Pull Request #560 · darktable-org/dtdocs · GitHub

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would love a PR. Thank you.

I’m surprised this is not implemented, or easier to add them. Unfortunately I am not as apt with working in terminal to add the folders if necessary.

This would also be helpful for adding preferred CMYK color spaces could be helpful if you are working with an offset press. And adding Display P3 (much larger in gamut than sRGB)…the new web standard as it is supported on most browsers and devices. I think this would be good for all DT users.

So far as I’m aware, darktable only outputs RGB. You can use imagemagick or similar to convert to CMYK.

There is a lua script, color_profile_manager, in the lua scripts that does that let’s you manage the color profiles