Adding .webp for MacOS to recognize

Hello all, new to this forum, hope I am posting at the right spot for Mac things.

I’ve been using GIMP for a couple of years (also a donator) and love it, however lately I noticed some lag in several things: it seem slower in responses like just even resizing the main window, especially slow with saving an image (even with an SSD drive). Also just tired opening a small 45KB picture from right clicking and selecting GIMP from the list, even GIMP was already opened just minimized to the app bar it took 25 seconds (!) for GIMP to come up and open the image. Love all features but I think the app needs some optimization.

Also would like to add that MacOS is not assosiating the new .webp extensions with GIMP, in other words if I right click on a webp image GIMP doesn’t show up on the list. I talked to Apple support who stated the App has to tell the OS which extension it is capable of handling. Is this something that is going to added to a newer release? I work with a LOT of graphics on a daily bases and it’s time consuming that I have to go to GIMP, find and open all webp images manually.

Thank you!

My system: 2018 MacBook Pro, 2.9 GHz 6 core i9, SSD drive, OS 12.3.1, GIMP: 2.10.30

Right click a WebP file in Finder, choose “Get Info”, select GIMP in the “Open with:” dropdown, click the “Change All” button.

Thanks for the suggestion, I knew about this option and yes that would work for a while, problem is I review a lot of images daily - sometimes hundreds - using the Preview app and if every webp file opens with GIMP that would slow me down even more. Preview opens webp files but I only need some of them to be changed, it would be just great if I could just right click on the particular webp image and quick open it with GIMP instead of going into GIMP and hunt for it from there again. Like I said it works I am just suggesting to add this option with the next release, it would help many of us.

I see. Perhaps this could work: macos - How can I add a new application to the Open With menu? - Ask Different

That looks great, I’ll have to play with it to figure out how to add the correct extension exactly but yes this looks like the solution for the issue. Thank you so much for finding this for me! I’ll post after getting it working.

Couple of good choices from here:

  1. click-drag the WebP file to GIMP on the dock while holding down [option]+[command] keys, this will force the file to open in the application (GIMP).
  2. Create a QuickAction item in the right-click menu, so when you right click and select ‘QuickAction’ there is an entry for ‘Open with GIMP’.

I have chosen the second one, created a QuickAction item, works great!

Thanks for the suggestions again.

Hi friend, do you have the Rsynthesizer plugin on your Mac? GIMP 2.10.34 can’t recognise the Resynthesizer plugin on my macOS Ventura. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!