Additional, not-relevant, sub-folders added on download; how to avoid?

This is most probably a user-error, but I don’t understand what I am doing wrong; any advice?

I’m downloading from an SD card which contains images taken since the start of the year. I needed to download just a very few images, taken on a single day. I created a new folder to house them and selected the ‘date and Jobcode’ preset, pointing RPD at that newly created folder as the destination.

On the latest running of this scenario RPD created a complete folder structure within my chosen folder, of the form <Month name (alpha)>/<shot date (DD-MM-YYYY)> such that a folder for the date of every image on the SD card was created. Only the selected images (2 in number) were actually downloaded; so I had a collection of empty folders

On the initial running of this download attempt (using a custom, rather than an RPD-supplied preset for image renaming), choosing a different set of images (71 in number), and a totally different destination (on a different drive) RPD not only created a folder for the date of each image on the SD card, RPD also downloaded every image which it had not seen before (a few hundred), even though only 71 images were selected and the information panel at the top right hand corner of the RPD window said that only 71 images were to be downloaded.

That custom preset was crafted to create the folder structure described above.

What have I done wrong ?

I am guessing you are only selecting/highlighting the images, and not unchecking the images you don’t need to download. In your case you would select all the images, uncheck one (which will uncheck all) then select the images you want to download, then checkmark those ones. Bottom left of each image box if I recall correctly.