Adjustment point to the curve

(Gabriele ) #1

with Version: 5.4-923-g07dafc67a if I want to add a point to a curve by select a point in the preview nothing occur until I click on the curve , add a point, and then I select on the preview…or move the preview with the hand…

Is it normal? I remember old releases didn’t be as this.


(Andrew) #2

I also was recently tripped up by this. The button icons have changed. The custom curves use a new method which behaves a bit differently from previous. I don’t think the new one works completely logically. @Morgan_Hardwood has offered to allow the user to choose to use “old” or “new” method. You can see the discussion here -
I’d suggest anyone who uses custom curves tries the new algorithm and submits their 2p worth.

(Gabriele ) #3

@heckflosse solved

Many thanks