AdobeRGB output profile?

I submit a first problem found using RT.
In Photoshop I was used to using the AdobeRGB color profile.
I downloaded the latest version of RT (RawTherapee_dev_win64_release) and AdobeRGB is NOT included in the output ICC color profiles.

I tried to click on “ICC profile creator” and I followed the procedure by choosing “AdobeRGB” (are the values presented the right ones for AdobeRGB?).
Then I saved it in the “profiles” folder of RT.

However, AdobeRGB still does not appear in the list of available “outbound” profiles.
How do I add it?

Thank you!
I attach 2 screenshots


The adobeRGB profile is not part of RawTherapee out-of-the-box.

If you want/need it you can download it here from Adobe: Adobe RGB (1998) ICC profile, which comes with a Color Profile License agreement

You might want to have a look here: GitHub - ellelstone/elles_icc_profiles: Elle Stone's Well-Behaved ICC Profiles and Code and see if there’s a free alternative that you might like.

EDIT: Some info about Elle’s profiles can be found here: Elle Stone's well-behaved ICC profiles and code. Do have a look at the adbobeRGB section.

I downloaded the profile (it’s free).
What do I do now?

You need to add that profile to the directory/folder that holds the other output profiles.

I’m a Linux user so I cannot point you to the Windows place. Look for one of the profiles mentioned in the list, say RTv4_sRGB.icc. It probably resides in a folder/directory called output. Place it there and restart RawTherapee if it was still open.

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I think it’s already there, they just don’t call it that.

Color Management - RawPedia

It is not clear.

“Medium: similar to AdobeRGB1998.”
“Medium” which one?


And then: “SIMILAR” to AdobeRGB1998, not identical.

I try, thanks.

Yes, similar and not the same.

It all depends on how close you want to be and how much you hate license agreements and copyrights :laughing:

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Thanks !!!

Small second question, between the two indicated by RT, RTv2 and RTv4, what’s the difference?

The v4’s are the modern version (compared to v2), but some external viewers might not handle these correctly (yet). Haven’t run into that myself to be honest, but if you do use the v2 version instead.

As always, it is a bit more elaborate, have a look here for more info:

The B5 section.

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This part of the process is currently NOT user friendly since the only location that is searched for output profiles is not writable by mortals. (e.g. writing to it requires sudo/admin privileges). A lot of things can search in a user-specific directory, but as far as I can tell unless I’m missing something (including missing something when reading through the code to load output profiles), output profiles isn’t on that list.

Making it easier to install output profiles is on my list of post-5.9 tasks that I want to take on. IMO the ICC profile generator is greatly diminished in usability by how hard it is to actually USE one of the profiles. It should, IMO, default to writing to a user-writable directory that is searched by the output profile code. For example, the current setup makes it MUCH harder to export linear TIFFs than it should be.

To be honest I wouldn’t know if it is(n’t) on a Mac or a Windows machine, I’m on Linux and know my way around :grin:

I run 4 different RawTherapee versions; 1 for my own personal stuff and 3 for testing (latest self build development, stable 5.8 and the latest appimage).

What all 4 have in common is a shared directory (/data/Images/Shared/Color/profiles) that, among other things, holds a directory called output (readable/writeable by 2 normal users).

I point to this location using Preferences → Colour Management → Directory containing colour profiles. I copied all the profiles that I use to this directory and it also holds the monitor calibration profiles created by DisplayCal.

You can only set one base output profile in the preferences section. Being forced to have the monitor profiles in the same directory, and thus showing up as an output profile that I can choose in the Colour management tab, bothers me to be honest. Strictly speaking all of them are output profiles, but output to monitor or file (or arguably printer) are rather different things.

That’s a rather good idea. If at all possible try to leave the default behaviour in tact for the default profiles. You do not want a user to inadvertently delete those.

It should be for the ones that are added by user, the default ones that come with RawTherapee should be protected (see my previous remark).

Anyway: I fully agree with what it is you are proposing/working on.

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The problem here is that by default, it’s not writable by mortals until someone with higher privileges (which is often us invoking the power of sudo) gives us those privileges.

Also, as you point out, that also allows a user to accidentally clobber profiles installed by RT.

Unless there’s some way to have separate system and user profile directories for output profiles that I’ve missed, I think there’s some work to be done.

Other datasets do appear to have separate system and user directory definitions, output profiles seem to be the odd one out unless I’m missing something.

There should be the “load profile” option from within the program, without having to copy the profile from one folder to another.
I have Windows, I’ve done it and it works, but I understand that not everyone can do it.

Another related problem.
If I place the AdobeRBG output profile that I uploaded for the photo I am working on, this remains only for the single photo.
For the next time I open and want to save I find the RT profile again (for example RTv4_sRGB).
Each photo I have to go to set the output profile.
I haven’t found an option in the “preferences” that allows you to fix it once and for all.
It would be very useful!

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