Advance Photo Image Manipulation Tutorial for Krita

Advance Photo Image Manipulation Tutorial for Krita.
I was trying to make the best practices for image manipulation in photoshop into Krita. It seems most of the tools are already present in Krita and have successfully done a film matte painting with it recently for our production. As such demo is not present in the web I have tried to make some. Here is the link:


For the first 2 part, there seem to be lacking into how you can use Destination In Blending mode and transparency mask. I would use the vector as a mask with a blur filter mask and set it to Destination In Blending mode. Krita has non-destructive editing involving file layer, filter layer, filter mask, clone layer, transform mask, layer style. Still lacking smart selection which I plan to do. Matte painting requires smart selection to be fully supported and it’s one of those uses which the devs prefers to see.

There might be cool/warm color balance filter as well as Blend In function in Layer Style this year. Those support Matte Painting and generic graphic design tasks. We do have ASC-CDL filter.

Transparency mask is discussed in part 4 . Thanks for the pointer on file layer & Blending mode. Will attach it in the list when got free.

Thanks for the nice tutorials. Looking forward to new ones!

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