Advice for two new monitors



my wife is a semi-pro up to pro photographer. She actually works on win10 with lightroom and gimp, but I (linuxuser since 12y) am on my way to convert her to linux and darktable. Thats the pre-story so far…

My wife actually works with one monitor. It is a 27 inch DELL U2713HM with 2560x1440.

Now she wants to switch to a dual monitor setup in that these monitors should be the same.

We figured out that we would like to go with two “only” 1080p monitors instead of hidpi, etc because we always scale up the size again to be able to read the screens content.

Would you have a recommendation for two 24 to 27 inch monitors that would be good for photo editing?

Because of the fact that we would have to purchase the device twice, a price of ca. 500 € per piece should be good.



I bought a Samsung U28E590D, i.e. a 28" UHD monitor, half a year ago. I am still happy with it :slight_smile: It will fit your price level well: it sells for slightly less than 300 €. Works fine with Manjaro/KDE.

Claes in Lund, Schweden


I think iiyama is a good brand if you do not want wide gamut. iiyama or Eizo.

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I have a bought a Benq SW2700PT when I was setting up my linux system (Dell laptop connected to this monitor plus another old Nec 23" which I have setup in portrait mode and use it to read docs etc; Darktable sits on the Benq).

It’s 2560x1440 px, so midway between HD and 4K. Adobe RGB coverage. Calibrated with a colormunki display. Good price.


The Dell UP2414Q is a 23.8 inch 4k factory calibrated Adobe RGB monitor with IPS panel that you can get used for 200-300€. Only downside for image editing could be the 8bit only panel (it’s hard to get 10bit panels in that price range, though). For me 24 inch is perfect when using 2 monitors side by side as they are not too big.
Seems like a bargain to me.


What do you think about two of these (in case it would be ok for us dealing with the non-1080):


And, just in this second there is coming a very important question to me:

Our actual Dell Ultrasharp only does wqhd using displayport, but only fullhd using the hdmi port.

Could this be a problem? Because my nvidia 1050ti does only have 1x displayport and 1x hdmi.


Hm… You could buy a second 1050Ti as well?

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I have older dell ultrasharp monitors, U2412 or something like that, and I like them a lot. 100% sRGB coverage for mine.


But for a semi-pro or pro I would recommend 1 Eizo wide gamut screen instead of 2 sRGB.
BTW I use a BenQ wide gamut at the moment. I think image uniformity is not optimal. It is ok for the price but if I had the budget, I’d get an Eizo. The first BenQ that I sent back whistled.


I have just received and set up a Benq SW2700PT. It runs fine driven by an older Mint 18.3 MATE Linux box based on an AMD Phenom II quad processor and nVidia 9800 GT video card. Darktable and Raw Therapee run but I haven’t done any post processing with them on it yet. I have minimally exercised GIMP on it. At the BenQ’s higher resolution I had to reduce the fish count down from maximum in Marine Aquarium 3 to get it to run in full screen mode at 60 Hz (operating under Crossover Linux).