Advice please, importing from Capture one

I have been using Capture One Pro, for several years, and this years upgrade farce has turned me off. As a result I have decided to give a more in depth look at Raw Therapee. Rather than just jumping I have a major question: Is there a way to import C1 files directly into Therapee?
I have thinned out my 5 C1 catalogs (removing dud photos and dead end processing) and my remaining library contains about 6,000 images which I would like to import into Raw Therapee; is this possible? I know that the Raw images arena my Pictures folder, but my goal is to salvage the C1 processed images.

You can export from C1 to high bit depth tiff files, then edit in RawTherapee. That sort of misses the point though. Other than that, the edits will not transfer over.

Thank you

Mica already mentions the key thing: your edits are unique to C1, so if you want to keep your images to look like they do, you need to export them. Though, maybe it is obvious, but your original raw images will be untouched and can be opened in RT.
Also, please note that RT does not have a library system: edits to your files are stored in a sidecar file along your raw file.