After Queue: exif Info gone

when i let the queue in RT generate jpg, all exif-Info in the jpg-file are gone.
RT shows the exif-Info correct - i only miss it in the jpg file.
Nikon Z 6ii, RT 5.8
What can i do?
Thank you

I just tested and confirmed a hunch: I’m presuming that you are running the old stable 5.8 version and not one of the newer 5.8 development versions.

If I export to jpg (I have a Nikon Z 6ii) from the old and stable one (5.8) I see the behaviour you describe, all is well when I use one of the latest versions (5.8-30XX).

You might want to upgrade, lots of other goodies have been introduced since 5.8 was released in February 4, 2020.

BTW: Welcome to Pixls!


Just in case, (reasonable) up-to-date downloads can be found here:

thank you - all works now