After rendering (error-free) the finished clip is just white!

Hello dear forum community,

I am currently trying to complete my first project in Natron.

When I render my project, it works without error messages and the progress bar runs cleanly through to 100 %.

The problem is, when I watch the finished clip it plays, but there is only a completely white screen. I have tested this with various film formats and players.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.



Need more info. Please provide a screenshot of the nodegraph if possible.


Thank you very much for your quick feedback and your offer of help!

In the meantime I had found out the cause of the problem myself: It was because I had used a background image in B/W and not in RGB in my composing. I had overlooked the error message.

Since it is my first attempt with Natron, I have now also tried Adobe After Effects. And I have to say that I get along better with the workaround of AAE.