AI Revolution: Unleashing GIMP's Potential with Integrated Artificial Intelligence

AI has emerged as a powerful tool across various domains, and its potential in the field of image editing is undeniable. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, GIMP could unlock a whole new range of possibilities, providing users with intelligent and intuitive features that enhance their creative workflow. Here are some areas where AI integration could have a significant impact:

  • Content-Aware Tools: Imagine intelligent selection and cloning tools that automatically understand the context of an image, seamlessly removing unwanted elements or filling in gaps with stunning accuracy.

  • Automatic Enhancements: AI-powered algorithms could analyze images and suggest adjustments, such as color correction, noise reduction, or sharpening, tailored to each specific image, saving users time and effort.

  • Style Transfer and Filters: AI models trained on various artistic styles could be integrated into GIMP, allowing users to effortlessly apply unique filters and transform their images into stunning works of art.

  • Smart Object Recognition: AI could enable GIMP to automatically detect objects within an image, making it easier to apply effects, modify specific areas, or create targeted adjustments.

  • Intelligent Auto-Retouching: AI could assist in automatically retouching portraits, eliminating imperfections, enhancing skin tones, and achieving professional-level results effortlessly.

Hi @mordy and welcome to the forum.

These are all good points and we are already seeing AI in products like Photoshop. I don’t think anyone discounts their usefulness.

From the gimp side I think its more a matter of logistics than anything else:

  • gimp team is quite small, implementing giant new features takes time
  • Ai requires lots of training data that the team doesn’t have
  • most open source AI stuff is written in python and requires massive amounts of GPU compute while still being not very fast

Why do I have that uneasy feeling that this post is itself AI-generated?


Got it. Thanks for explaining.

This was composed using Ai. I don’t have all day to write my feedback.

Wow this is a whole new level of posting ! :smiley:

That said I kind of miss the non AI but quite smart ‘heal selection’ since gimp dropped the python stuff the function relied on … if I had the available time I’d gladly help in that regard but it’s all just a wish …

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Gimp didn’t drop the Python stuff. Your distro did. I’m on Gimp 2.10.34 on Kubuntu 22.04 with a functional Python support. There are several ways to get it back…

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I guess y’all have heard of Photoshop’s latest feature in development - “Generate Fill”?

I have seen multiple videos on tiktok of PS users trying this new feature in Beta and it is ah-mazing!

Image editors can do amazing stuff to their images and photos. Any idea if GIMP will carry such a feature in the near future?

As far as I remember, Heal Selection needs python-fu with python2, so if your distro installs that without making you jump through burning, electroshocked, barb-wired hoops then you should have a serious word with the maintainers of said distro - Python2 has been put to its rightful grave over three years ago.

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I don’t know. Photoshop costs money while GIMP is free.

if your distro installs that without making you jump through burning, electroshocked, barb-wired hoops

It does, but you still can.

If you’re on Arch (or an Arch-based distro like Manjaro), it’s very straight forward — you can install everything you need with one click from the AUR (at least, that was my experience).

@grubernd & @Ofnuts
What would be, according to you, the rightful and enviable outcome of this ?

  • Update python-fu in gimp to accommodate newer python version ?
  • Port python-fu supported filters and function to a new framework ?
  • Being able to run python2 easily on any distro ?
  • Non of the above ?

It’s been ported to Python 3 so it’ll work in Gimp 2.99/3.0. I’ve also been studying the algorithm to see if I could implement it as a built-in tool (no promises on when or if)!


That’d be really nice !

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I have a functioning prototype in Gimp 2.99 if you want to see a demo (it’s a tool but it calls the plug-in for the actual work)
CmykStudent: “A small experiment with creati…” - Fosstodon


@cmyk.student I saw your video, can it work on multiple selection as well?

Not at the moment, but that is part of the plan.

Oh, OK
Thank you


I somehow doubt that GIMP will ever get better funding or team growth, problem is, while being generous and giving us an amazing image editing app, the dev team has/had no interest in making it a serious tool for image manipulation and be the desired alternative to other commercial software. Maybe it’s because the developers didn’t do any serious productions in image manipulation them selves, if at all, lack of interest or time because of life things, but they successfully ignored a few most important things throughout a decade that would have made GIMP be what Blender is today. One of them being adjustment layers like functionality. Unsurprisingly interest in GIMP grew smaller by many people who were looking for a Photoshop alternative. This is where all the motion comes from and funding could have been found, some extra smart people would have joined. But I remember once there was a discussion and a bit hostile responses by someone from the Dev team regarding the topic of adjustment layers and sometging else. Which didn’t help the situation. So the team developing GIMP is very small, it’s a huge app to handle, technology is rapidly evolving and new requirements are getting more complicated. GIMP is being developed too slowly and with no certainty on direction. Porting to GTK3 took so long it’s already obsolete, GTK 4 probably is on the end of life (sorry, I am KDE user so don’t fallow much Gnome and GTK things), but a fundamental function as adjustment layers is still not touched, how do we expect AI enhanced tools to be implemented? What is more, the power of open source is not working as well. Just a handful of people seems to try and write plugins for GIMP. Most likely because it’s unknown when GIMP 3 will be out and stable and how things will proceed from there.

That is why apps like Krita and Blender are faster to get innovative attempts like AI tools and plugins, they have clear roadmaps and goals, they focus and has bigger interest in what artists need and want as well as use the software for their own real projects, so they know what to do and they attract investors. With clear conception they also get huge interest from communities that either fund projects or put their hands and minds into development.

I am not telling that GIMP is bad, just notice that the pace of it’s development seems slower every year. And many people moved on. And even latest update seems outdated compared to what the one would like to see nowadays when opened GIMP.

I miss those days when GIMP was that image manipulation app making waves and kicking Adobe’s butt with innovations like content aware scaling, which made many graphics software development companies crumble and now we don’t hear about GIMP at all. If only GIMP dev team decided to strive for certain goals, maybe that path could bring in more passion and interest by those, who could write more of the AI tools.

But since GIMP dev team does this project from their own good will and income comes from elsewhere, we can’t expect or demand things, I am just grateful they didn’t drop development of GIMP and that it is not abandonware. Even though I moved on to other app for photo editing, I, as so many others, really needed that adjustment layers functionality… with that and AI tools GIMP would be phenomenal.