Airnef for Desktop Wifi Transfer (Nikon)

DPReview forum moderataor Horshack (Adam on has created a desktop application for wirelessly transferring photos from a wi-fi enabled Nikon camera to the computer (apparently something that Nikon doesn’t offer?).

The project is called [airnef]. It’s a Python application that he has licensed GPL3 and is cross platform across Linux, OSX, and Windows.

It appears that it will also work for Canon (even though Canon already has their own utility for doing this), and it looks like Sony support may be on the way soon.

Something awesome for all you Nikon shooters to look into!

(ty @darix for pointing us to this!)


I’ve been doing research for a new camera body, as my Canon Rebel XT is showing its wear pretty badly, and I wonder, is Wi-Fi in a camera something people really want? Is it popular? I see it an think “gaping security hole.”

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I think it’s more of the convenience of having it. It’s something that I don’t personally notice because my workflows never centered around it - although having an eyefi card was really, really convenient the times I did bother to setup and use it.

It let me sync with an iPad, and then during a shoot I could show the model the last images for instant feedback (it beats the pants off of looking on a rear LCD). Of course I guess I could shoot tethered…

[quote=“paperdigits, post:2, topic:413”]
I see it an think “gaping security hole.”
[/quote]Jep, and if I understand some of that correctly it is. Using the MAC Address for Authentication. What could possibly go wrong :scream:

I prefer this kind of solution.

More brainy, for sure, but more flexible

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Any advice for tethering Pentax and Sony to Android? My only interest really is a large preview, don’t care about being able to trigger the camera or manipulate settings from Android.

Nothing that I know, sorry