Algorithms used in the exposure tab


Looking for the Algorithms used for each item in the exposure tab, if one exists:


Exposure Comp
Highlight comp
shadow comp

or point me to the source code?

(Gord) #2

(Alberto) #3

most of these are in ImProcFunctions::rgbProc. highlight reconstruction is also in rtengine/ warning: the code is not the cleanest out there, so to say… :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will take a look at these, If I can understand :blush: them I will try and post a short summary for comment.

Edit. I hade a little look, and will spend more time, but if anyone wants to post the method names that get called when you click on each of the sliders in JUST the exposure tab, I would appreciate it.

I am working on some software in Imagemagick to process process films scans before they arrive in RT, the idea being to just use the exposure controls to do the final touches, hence I would like to understand properly how they work.


Been looking through the code, and its my understanding that the sliders in the exposure tab, are used to build a tone curve, in combinational with tone curve 1 & 2 if defined.

Before putting those tone curves into the processing pipeline?

What is basic processing pipeline, from raw to final image?

(Alberto) #6, but there are other variations of it used elsewhere. after 5.4 is out, the plan is to have a major refactoring/simplification of that mess though :slight_smile: