Alicia - B/W portrait

Alicia - May 2022


You have an interesting daughter. Thanks for sharing!

That’s an unexpected interpretation; Alicia isn’t my daughter - I actually knew Alicia less than 30 minutes when we took this photo.

Very not ce tonality, as ususal. I’d have given a reflector to the rear, just for a tiny bit of detail.

When you photograph someone with a lot of tattoos, do you try and avoid cropping them awkwardly, or do you just let it fly?


That’s a very interesting question and I have never given a second of thought to it.

I don’t photograph the tats, I photograph the person.

But now that I have read your question I realize that I have cut through the tattoo on her right leg and I - really - haven’t noticed that before. Not when I framed the shot, not during post prod and not when uploading the shot here or on flickr. Incredible. I mean, I am not pro or contra tattoos, my wife and I are inked, too, but I simply haven’t seen or paid attention to this detail at all.

I care for the eyes, for the smile (the most exciting curve of any woman is her smile ;o), for the pose and how the light accentuates or hides shapes, for the way the model communicates with the beholder - and I clearly forget a lot of other details.

Thank you for reminding me. Something I will have to pay attention to in the future so I can progress in my photography.