Alicia - Pony (outtake from a fashion shooting)

The 120 cm parabolic softbox is visible in the hangar’s window and too present on the car’s rear fender, so this one didn’t make it into the brand’s portfolio and I can show it


This is cool! Can you share a link to the ones the brand is using?

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I will as soon as they publish

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I’ll assume the brand isn’t Memphis Coffee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that building looks awesome tho.

No, it’s two students from a fashion college here in Lille/France. One of them is a flatmate of my daughter, and they launched their own label about 18 months ago.

They were actually able to pay the models and production. The owner of the car was more then enthusiastic to participate and I was OK to go out empty if the models were compensated correctly (I booked them) and my daughter got that that one dress she wanted (neither she nor that dress is on the photos).

I show ten outtakes on my flickr profile. Some are actually good photos but either the dress isn’t enough in the foreground or they’re just pictures I took without having the brand in mind ;o)