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That was fast update even though your original post wasn’t that recent… great!

I tested updated Cryptomatte using the image I shared and another simpler CGI product shot and it’s very good. Combine Input Alpha is really nice addition.

Only “cosmetic” thing I noticed as a user perspective is that when I pipe Cryptomatte nodes one after another, later nodes display Color as crypto layers by default. It works anyway and crypto layers are also selectable on those nodes as you had made an update, but it might be a bit confusing. I think the first Cryptomatte node passes data out as a color, so it seems to be technically right being same data as crypto layers in first node, but for user the name color would suggest being the original render. This is of course mostly just relevant to my personal color grading workflow to stack cyrptomattes in one pipe (which I think is the best method :wink: ).

Additional note if someone else tries new version:
Don’t use this updated plugin in comp scenes which use previous version of the plugin. It seems to have some kind of conflicts with existing Cryptomatte nodes and makes Natron freeze. In new files it works very well.

@ivan.stephan Hi! Long time! I am about to start a cryptomatte testing soon. Which one is the latest one? v2?

@fabiof17 Hi man! I have updated the EXR extract tool to extract psd and gimp layers. Made it simplified and separated tool to acquire RGBA in shuffle. Works with Krita>PSD as well. Can you merge this PR? Thanks!

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Hi! This is my last commit ( V3 )

To use the node first you need to fill the CryptoLayers 0/1/2 in the node properties

Now is possible to pipe crypto nodes too

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Thanks. Will check it.

done merging Tool to extract PSD and XCF Gimp layers by cgvirus · Pull Request #2 · NatronGitHub/natron-python-scripting · GitHub



Just tested this, nice work!

I don’t suppose there’s a way to also get it to render the mattes with random colours similar to the original implementation… :eyes: Barring this, the “combine input alpha” mode offers a much nicer picker interface than looking at the actual cryptomatte where things can be quite hard to discern, perhaps this could be shuffled into the RGB channels and actually used for picking?

Additionally I just stumbled upon the original Natron implementation by Psyop, it appears to be quite out of date and doesn’t seem to work anymore (if it ever did) but the nodes do load up in modern Natron!

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Thanks for the link. Didn’t know psyop did one for Natron as well. I think I can analyze it. Haven’t cheeked ivan’s as well. Will see.

Also can someone give some example of cryptomatte done with various render engines? I am able to test with Blender cycle and Eevee. Thanks.

Here’s the image I use for testing that I made in Renderman a while ago.
cryptomatte-renderman.exr (2.5 MB)

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I’ve asked a friend to make cryptomatte samples from Arnold, Redshift and Octane…
I’ll upload them as soon as he sends them to me.

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Here @cgvirus.
There are Cornell Box renders with cryptomatte passes from Arnold, Redshift and Octane.



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