Allow to search captions from Filters > Text Filter menu (digiKam 8 OCR Text Converter)

Now with the OCR text converter option, the only way to quickly search something containing certain word in a caption is to use Tools > Advanced Search which opens additional window and you have to use several drop down menus to find Caption search option.

But could you add option to search captions from Filters > Text Filter menu ?

I think I might have fixed this myself…

For anyone having this issue, you need to go to:

  • Settings >
  • Configure Digikam >
  • Left side Metadata selection >
  • Views tab >
  • XMP viewer sub-tab >
  • ACDSee XMP Schema section >
  • Check - caption (A brief description of the file)

The UI of digiKam is lacking intuitiveness a lot. Would be better if there is a quick button somewhere near filters to be able to select many of the same (or most widely used/necessary) options as from the settings window.