Almost live view

I’d like to do a demo/presentation of a headshot to a group of people. I will be connected to an epson projector and the laptop will be tethered to the camera (either Canon or Fuji both supported by libgpphoto2).

Is it possible to:

  1. Have RPD run in the background
  2. download the photos as I shoot them to some directory
  3. I’d be using either digikam or gwenview (kde) to monitor the directory

BTW, I don’t need or want to control the camera from the laptop. I just want to show the photos.


gphoto2 allows for the download of images from the camera. Have you looked at something like entangle?

I did look at entangle last year and it froze after the 1st image, so I haven’t looked at it since.

What I’d like is to display the image on an almost full screen.


Have a look

Have a look at this thread:

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