Alpine chalet in the fog

Last summer I was hiking around in the Italian Alps, when I got to this really cool chalet, on a very high pass, in the middle of some rocky peaks.

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The picture has been edited with RawTherapee then GIMP.

A bit of the background story… This pass is called Santner Pass. The chalet has been very recently re-opened by a young crew. They’re very friendly and motivated. You can find them here. Make sure to stop by if you hike around here… although is a bit difficult to just pass by here without aiming for it :smile:.
It’s a quite high pass, where you should enjoy a beautiful scenery… except from the day we get there last August, since a bunch of clouds decide to sit there exactly when we arrived at the pass. No panorama. I anyhow grabbed the camera and tried to snap some image. There were a few moments of less fog that I tried to exploit.

Feel free to let me know what you think.


Very nice! I like the leading line of the path and the edge of the cliff on the right. The fog adds an air of mistery!

Nice shot! Overall composition and colours are on point.

One small thing I noticed: The chalet seems to be leaning over a bit, rotating the image slightly counter-clockwise will solve that.

I’m quite happy that I could make something cool out of quite bad conditions. While I was there I really liked the place and the composition naturally pooped in my head… but I was frustrated by the conditions and that I could not get a cool shot. But I did well to persist, take some shots nevertheless and then experiment a bit with them.

True, now I can’t help but see that :smile:. Good catch, thanks, now I can fix it before printing.