alternate app icon

Currently, I am building my own logo / icon for darktable. If anyone is interested, feel free to commit / download / check:

What do you think?

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Its cool! Thanks for sharing

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Neat, nice and clean :+1:

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Well the “even more simplified” looks too much like RawTherappee icon to me. And my first question would be:

why do we need a new icon ?

The current one is well know, looks nice and recognizable as darktable one since a very long time. We cannot change an app icon without a very strong reason.

@Pascal_Obry the readme says:

Does darktable need a new Icon?
No, of course not. This is just a personal playground.

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Ok, I did not read that part :slight_smile:

ya, I totally agree.

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize the current logo as “the darktable logo” as well, of course.
But I think, it could be tweaked a bit… I won’t say, my one is better than the other. This is just for me. I like it better this way.
As I am no developer, this is my contribution to this awesome piece of open source software… =)

I am aware of the similarity to the RawTherapee icon … But at the same time, that similarity was there all the time, just look at the colors and its placement in the circle.

I would be happy to provide a different version of the logo – maybe more like my version of the logo named “simplified approach”…

Also… There are simplified and alternate logos all over the place, most of them conform to a specific icon set’s look and feel.

ah, okay - I did not look for it at all. I was just taking my own route… :wink:
Anyways, all in all, I really enjoy working with darktable. And i like to tweak thinks to my needs.

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Of course! Just wanted to point out that you’re not the first, nor the last. Tweaking things is what Free Software is all about. Glad you decided to share it.

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I just added the “aperture blades version” to the icons:

This icon keeps/preserves/shows more of the original “feel” of darktable.

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Truth be told I have seen the default Darktable icon much less often in any of my Linux desktops for a long time, because I tend to use different icon packs for Gnome and all have matching icons for Darktable.

Ha - I should go for Linux, as I am tending to customize and tweak things. Unfortunately, I am relying lots on some apps for MacOS…
Maybe, I should give Linux another go. But I know for sure, I’d miss some apps immediately… :thinking:

Like all changes, requires some work in adjusting the workflow, some things are easier and other not so much. For some years I’ve been using Linux exclusively in my personal laptops, but the photo processing workflow was one of the things I struggled the most, until things like Darktable or RawTherapee got stable and mature.