Alternative to PhotoMechanic for Mac with batch renaming to multiple drives

Hi, newbie on this site looking for opinions. :slight_smile:

Like the the title says, I’m looking for an image viewer that is fast, has batch rename and that it can copy the images to multiple hard drives at the same time.

I’m searching for one, because I have a friend that has Photo Mechanic, but it was a 32-bit version, which became obsolete in Catalina(?), so he wants a Photo Mechanic alternative. Also since I’m a newbie in photography in general we could learn about the program together.

Anyone uses a program that has both of those things?

I am on Windows10. I use xnviewMP

  • it is free but not FOSS
  • there is a version for MAC (don’t know if working on Catalina)
  • rather light
  • can display a lot of different formats
  • color managed
  • powerful batch rename and batch processing
  • can copy/delete/move images but to one folder at the same time. You will have to ask the dev for multiple targets.
  • I use it to cull photos
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Thanks for the recommendation. I personally use Windows & Ubuntu, but my friend has Mac. So that helps us both. :slight_smile:

Gonna check if there is a way to request multiple targets.