Alterntatives to Instagram needed

Hi all,

I’m quite new here, and though I’ve been keen on photography for a while (I date back to processing film from my Yashica Minister-D), my retirement sees me with more time to pursue my interests which include novel writing.

I wanted to put my images up for friends and family to see, and thought Instagram would be a good choice. So, I created an account, and I left it fallow for about 6 weeks. Circumstances prevented me from uploading anything until just yesterday.

When I tried to access my account, I received this error message: Your account has been permanently disabled because it didn’t follow our Community Guidelines. This decision can’t be reversed either because we’ve already reviewed it, or because 30 days have passed since your account was disabled. Learn more about why we disable accounts in our Community Guidelines.

I’m a little bit miffed at this, because I hadn’t actually attempted to upload anything. I also spent a fruitless hour or two yesterday, trying to resurrect it or at least find out why I’d been booted-out.

I’d still like to have some of my better images online, but it appears that Instagram is no longer available to me.

I’d like a free service - or at least one that isn’t too expensive - and is easily accessible to friends and family.

Can anyone suggest a viable course of action for me?

I’ve considered creating a new email address (Instagram has made note of my current email address, so I can’t use it again) and going in that way, but I’m not comfortable doing that. I used to use Photobucket but they changed to a subscription model, and that was unsuitable.


Michael P.

The fediverse is a neologism for a set of softwares communicating over Activity Pub, a W3C standard protocol for social networking.

Its sort of like email: there are a bunch of different hosts for different things and people, but they can all talk to one another.

Pixelfed is one of the server software, and it has an instagram-like interface. You can see a list of servers here: FediDB - Developer Tools for ActivityPub

Or you can host your own if you’re down with that.


If you want something along the lines of Instagram, Pixelfed is a good choice. Personally I’m on the Metapixl instance, which is the most generous with storage. Compression is pretty bad though.

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You might want to look into Gemini.

Not sure Gemini counts as “easily accessible to friends and family.”

Flickr is free and easily accessible.

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Thanks everyone, for the wonderful suggestions. I really appreciate them.

I’ve considered a second Google account purely for my photos, but keeping track of 2 email addresses seems to me, adding a layer of effort to the venture.

Flickr allows for 1,000 photos on its free service, which ought to keep me going for a bit: if I post 50 per year, that’s 20 years’ worth of images if I don’t take early postings off the account.


Michael P.

I use Flickr for this purpose too… I don’t get much out of the groups and community on it, but it works ok and is reasonably well known. It does show a few ads though, with the free version. I don’t find them too intrusive. If you wanted a whole new project, you could build a website! I don’t think I’d recommend that as a quick and straightforward solution though😉

Thanks Steven,

for your thoughts on Flickr. I’d expect ads to be a part of the deal when getting a subscription-free service.

Building a website of my own… I used to build them many years ago and wouldn’t look forward to getting back into that field.


Michael P.

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Vero is the closest thing to Instagram there is.


My wife got bounced from Instagram a few months ago through no fault of her own, and couldn’t get the ban removed. Then it was suddenly reinstated. Apparently they had a bug that kicked users for no reason.

Vero is the closest thing to what Instagram was before Facebook->Meta wrecked it.

At this point, Vero is free, and shows only what you choose to see. No ads, no “you are seeing this because we thought you’d like it”, and the feed is strictly chronological. And they don’t squeeze all the quality out of photos.

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But we know from experience that’s true only until they get the number of users they want, then things start to change…

True enough, but for now it’s a nice place to view and share photos. I don’t think there will ever be an app that remains pleasant forever. Keep a go bag packed and near the door. :wink:

It doesn’t appear to support Linux.

Yeah, that’s its Achilles heel.

No use to me then. I don’t own a smartphone.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll check it out.

It’s a bit bizarre what happened to your wife. Perhaps they use an algorithm to sift through images - like how Apple says they do it on their cloud - and the algorithm flagged something in her images.

I can’t fathom how I got banned though, because i hadn’t uploaded anything. And it grates that they not only didn’t tell me, but I have no way of finding out the reason.

Maybe the account got hacked, and someone used it to spread banned content.

Vero is probably out: you need an application to use it and Linux - as Colin said - is not supported.

I could set up a virtual OS in Linux, and I’m looking into that at the moment.


Michael P.

Hi Kofa,

that did occur to me, but given it had only been around for a couple of weeks at most before shutdown, a hacker would have to have been pretty lucky to find the account and break into it. I’ll never know for sure, because I just can’t communicate with them.