Am I allowed to post prints for sale on the forum?

Basically title.

Twenty characters.

What category do they go in?

Is it a post for a specific print or your entire catalog?

Is your whole toolchain FOSS (Does that matter and where is the line drawn)?

There are my initial 1AM-can’t-sleep thoughts.

Macro photography.

Not a specific print, a mini-catalog of (for the moment) seven prints.

Yes. I process and develop my RAWs on Linux with RawTherapee and GIMP, exclusively.

I’m afraid I don’t understand these questions.

I would say, go ahead and see what happens. Imagine a new gallery on with nice (or bad :woozy_face: ) prints for sale. Why not, I would say…

I meant here on the forums. On a genere.

Is using RawTherapee and Affinity Photo OK? How about Lightroom and Gimp? Where do we draw the line?

I wouldn’t know, I never used Affinity Photo.

The goal of states “To provide tutorials, workflows and a showcase for high-quality photography and cinematography using Free/Open Source Software.”

Personally I think showcasing is a little different than putting things out there to sell, but then again, people also have patreons and whatnots that they mention which also involves currency.
I do think the line needs to be set at having used FOSS, since that is the clear intention of Pixls.

Just my two cents.

I understand that and I only asked because my entire photography workflow is based on FOSS, from the OS itself to the developing and post processing apps.

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Yeah, so clearly the FOSS part is not going to be any issue :+1:

Can’t that just be a showcase with a link to buy?
If it’s made with FOSS it would be a great showcase and I don’t mind a link to the store site.
Now this has a potential that everyone starts dumping their images with the links to buy even if the photos are low quality.

Well there’s no link, as I don’t have a website, and certainly no store.

It would only be the pictures themselves.

Post them in a single or couple of posts as a showcase and give the info about which software was used to edit. Also invite ppl to DM you if they wanna buy prints or whatever.
I think nobody would have anything against that.
It’s a FOSS edit showcase and you happen to be selling the prints too. And why not share that.

That’s exactly how I figured I’d approach this, I just wanted to get permission first.

I can’t give you one, it’s not my forum. But imho I wouldn’t mind seeing some cool edits in the showcase. If you will, please add also the unedited photos (in jpeg ofc) just so we can really appreciate the editing work done with FOSS.

What does @patdavid think?

I am not opposed to offering prints for sale here or links to purchase.

@KristijanZic makes a good point that we would not want to find ourselves a dumping ground with purchase links spamming us, but the community overall here doesn’t feel like it would do that. right? :wink:

We could theoretically set up a category for selling prints and require users to have a certain trust level before being able to post there? (This is for a later time, but worth thinking about).

@zerosapte - I don’t see any problem with sharing/showcasing your work in a post thread and also offering to sell and/or a link - as long as it’s done in the context of participating in the community. I think you’ve been here long enough and are engaged enough that we can trust you to be respectful. :smiley:

With that said, I welcome opinions and thoughts about the idea of selling prints here in general!

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This would be a good option to avoid the ‘dumping ground’ scenario, and a bit of a ‘reward’ for meaningful engagement. I would include in the description of the category that each post must include the description of the OSS stack used.

On the other hand, I don’t know how are the laws and rules about the responsibility of a message board on the selling of items in case of problems…

After some discussion with people smarter than me I think we’ve got some ideas.

  1. Linking to your own storefront to sell prints is fine. (No spamming please.)
    Maybe try to consolidate or keep it to a single topic post (unless it’s been a while or there’s a new collection or something differentiating it from a prior post).
  2. You can initiate a private sale through private messages here, but please move to email or another system after initial contact to coordinate your sale.
  3. caveat emptor

The reason for this is that we don’t have the manpower or legal status to manage sales, taxes, or a way to handle any potential liability if a problem arises. (I would like to get to that point later, but right now we just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with it.)

I did think it would be fun to maybe use one of the storefronts with the PIXLS brand to curate some prints for sale occasionally, but that’s for another day.

On that note - I certainly welcome a topic listing potential storefronts people could use (along with any thoughts on them). What are people using?


Thank you for your input.