An Autumnal Woodland Walk

P1540370.rw2 (23.0 MB)
CC BY-SA 4.0 Deed
Edited in dt 4.4.1
After watching many of @s7habo videos, I am developing my photographic eye and seeing images that I previously would have dismissed. Now I can imagine how a scene will look after developing in dt.
I shot this in my local park last weekend on a heavily overcast day. What is your interpretation?
Comments and criticisms very welcome.



I like the overall exposure and tone mapping, at least on the screen I’m viewing it!
Also, the colors looks OK for me, the grass looks natural and the photo is not oversaturated.

When zooming a bit, I think there might be too much local contrast for my taste (a feeling of noise in the leaves and road for example).

Composition and picture ratio are very good for me!

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Thank you for your appraisal. I can’t say why local contrast is an issue as I have not added any. I used the diffuse and sharpen module for fast sharpening but only a single iteration.

I like the picture and your edit.

As you asked for interpretation, here is mine. I tried to take it a bit into a different direction (no pun intended).

P1540370_02.rw2.xmp (17.4 KB)

As for critique… I think your composition and crop do work good. The image is interesting and you have a nice guidance with the pathway, sucking you into the picture.
For my taste, the trees are pretty contrasty (nearly black on my screen) and the colors in some areas might be a bit too saturated. Just my thoughts, no offense ment.

Thanks for sharing. It was a pleasure to edit the picture.

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Thanks for your comments and mirror image. It works well. Fair comment about saturation though the monitor it’s viewed on might be a factor. After reading your comment, I used another instance of the tone equaliser just to lift the very dark tree trunks and it was an improvement. So again, thanks. :grinning:

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Here my try:

P1540370.rw2.xmp (12.7 KB)

Maybe it is not caused by the processing but more by the shooting conditions or lens? In general, I find it is hard to process pictures with many leaves and achieve a “smooth” result (at least it is what I’m looking for in these pictures).

I went for something a little more retro/mystical.

an-autumnal-woodland-walk-P1540370.rw2.xmp (24.4 KB)
dt 4.5

Not much to criticize. It’s a nice little scene, and without having been there, your edit seems like a faithful and colourful rendition.

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Thank you for your edit and comments.
I don’t try to produce faithful images, rather my own interpretation. Part of that is because everyone sees a scene differently so it begs the question ‘What is a faithful image?’

My constructive criticism (well at least it is meant to be) is that your colors are too vibrant for my taste. This is mainly in the greens that I am noticing it. The green border also added to my feelings about the greens. I would drop the border or use a different color. But this is all only my opinion and you are the artist and must decide what you like and damn everyone else.