An introduction to darktable

Hello guys,

Anthony Morganti, also known as has asked me to make an exclusive video for his channel about darktable. The video is a brief introduction to darktable and ment for people that don’t know anything about the software just yet. Since this is aside my own tutorials, I made a new topic about it.

Please say hello to Anthony, support his channel by subscribing and let’s hope this video will draw more users to and the darktable community.

Thank you all!



Link to the video on Anthony Morganti his Youtube channel:


310.462 subscribers on that channel, congratulations! :+1:

And nice presentation. You kept the amount of information on a very brief level for not overloading the audience and gave a good overview about the program

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Have been subscribing his channel for years , mostly for his incredible Lightroom tutorials. His tutorials is also very popular for the Dpreview forum members.

One of the best out there …:grinning:

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@pphoto Thank you so much! I’m honored that he let me create a video for him! He’s a very nice guy.

@DxO-user Really? I didn’t know he was so popular on dpreview!

CR3 support will be included when it is ready… Canon has done some weird stuff, and nobody has figured it out yet. Users can call canon and complain to them to make their raw file specs public.