anatomy of a photo

Don’t you mean this:


Hey all, great to see what can be done with a throw away image, cheating absolutely required, a bit of silhouette, mood and colour (hhmmm) and of course a fit of giggles courtesy of @Ofnuts

Of course it’s a good idea!!

Works also as background for your phone, I’d say?

23-11-15_MG_6532.CR2.xmp (16.9 KB)


Here’s my attempt:

23-11-15_MG_6532.CR2.xmp (14.0 KB)

Another version inspired by the framing of @qmpel

23-11-15_MG_6532_01.CR2.xmp (17.6 KB)


hey! now I’m gonna have to find a scene with a phone mast…

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You could possibly start a thread with the theme …

(When I was a student back in pre-internet days at my institute there was the challenge for all who made a travel to send a postcard home with an image which contained an antenna or radio tower. It was the basis for many a creative interpretation of “antenna”.)

Hello jimd!
I played around a bit.
You say, “I was thinking what you could do with black and white.”
It is a good idea. I have pursued two possible paths:
First, a digital development:

23-11-15_MG_6532_01.CR2.xmp (81.3 KB)

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And then I remembered the good old barite paper.
I recently found a package from the 80s. It was still ok, but you could also see some signs of age.
This corresponds to the second result:

23-11-15_MG_6532_02.CR2.xmp (59.7 KB)


I hope you like it?

This is my attempt.

23-11-15_MG_6532.CR2.xmp (13.4 KB)

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I do indeed, especially the 1st one, digital dev, pulled out more detail than I expected

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