Android 14 rawtherapee version

When will rawtherapee come out with a version for Android 14? As I use it solely for all my raw photography, my phone shoots raw, and I would love to be able to process them on my phone instead of having to offload to my computer is sometimes I don’t have it with me I think it would be a huge benefit to have a mobile version just wondering if it’s in the works.

That would be a ground-up rewrite, most likely. RT is written in C++, Android dev is in Java (right?), totally different UI, totally different OS, APIs, etc. Start over pretty much from scratch.

AFAIK there are no plans for such.

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You must be a young guy…the thought of trying to do a decent edit on something the size of my phone and without a mouse or dedicated pointing device seems like it would be more pain than joy :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum…


You can run rawtherapee on android with the help of a virtual machine.

It runs fine on a middleclass tablet.

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However, @pasjr has touched an interesting spot. I also wish there was a good native raw developer/photo editor for android. At the moment there is none that is color managed

There is an android port of Krita which can open/import many raw files, but I don’t think it works well.

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Not that young, I am 46, and I do hate using my phone for just about anything as it is small to read, but I dont always have my actual camera with me, nor my laptop, but my phone is always with me, and I shoot in raw even with it, I use snapseed now, which works ok, but I am very used to rawtherapee as I have been using it for longer than I can remember, and it is just second nature processing raws on it, so even though a small screen on a phone, if it could be the same as desktop, I would feel right at home using it. If I had any clue about programming I would try to port it myself, but after reading about it and how to do that, its like an alien language to me so I thought I would reach out here and see what comes of it.

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How about this one:

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Ha ya I was just kidding…hope that was clear… I think the dreaded Adobe has a LR mobile …I think its free not Open source and ON1 photo raw has or had a free app that would shoot and process raw… Maybe that has changed and or you want to keep to RT or FOSS… which is of course totally understandable…

Looks interesting, I may try it, but it looks a little to instagramy maybe just how they are presenting it, looks like a weekend test is in order.

I rather keep to RT and FOSS at all costs, Adobe is not developer nor creator friendly and only about the sell, ON1 never looked viable to me personally, well until RT Comes to android, i will either off load and process on laptop or if I need it on demand I will just have to stick with snapseed, it works just lacking in power.

Maybe if my phone had a 24 inch calibrated screen with a mouse and keyboard attached… :slight_smile:


I need all that and more… :slight_smile: I’m a


I could see maaaaybe doing edits on a tablet. I have done basic/simple limited edits on a phone with Snapseed, but honestly, any UI that works well on a phone will be poor on a desktop/laptop and vice versa. There’s slightly more commonality for a tablet, but RT in its current state would be HORRIBLE in a touch-only environment and I don’t think there’s any way to fix that without a total redesign.

As others have pointed out, it would involve a near-total rewrite of RT, most importantly a complete and total redesign of the user interface.

Once again: RT runs fine on an android tablet via andronix/termux.

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The CLI version @betazoid ?

No, graphical. You have to install a virtual machine with a DE like Xfce or Openbox on Android. Andronix works fine. It doesn’t consume much resources, of course RT is a bit slower than on a physical machine but not much. It’s actually usable, but installing the virtual machine in a bit nerdy.
There are screenshots in the article that I shared above, I think the article is free meanwhile and you can machine translate it. If it’s not free yet it will be soon.
The only tricky thing is actually properly importing the raws to Android resp. the MicroSD card. I didn’t find a good way to do that. Maybe I even asked for help with it here.

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My hat goes off to anyone that can use a phone to do anything, including sending SMS texts; that tiny ‘keyboard’ is a nightmare (and don’t get me started on predictive text — that thing is an absolute pain in the astrisk).

Even if I could somehow manage to fumble through an edit, that over-saturated colour-inacurate display would be as helpful as a wooden sock.

Mind you, an automated batch-processing script using a pre-determined PP3 could be useful in extreme situations.

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Maybe one day :slight_smile: keep dreaming.

You are not alone :slight_smile:


Read in my comments above: it is possible to profile the screen of an android device.


If you’re referring to the file op process of getting the raws to the device, I use an app called Total Commander on Android. It has plugins for SMB / NAS, Google Drive, etc. I copy files over the network all the time. It’s particularly handy for going the other way, from Android to elsewhere – Share, select TC, choose a bookmark to one of your network shares and copy.

If the problem is elsewhere, dunno. Like many apps, with Google’s more recent security changes TC doesn’t have the rights to a lot of what was previously available. But it’ll prompt you and offer to open a native app that does.

Also, even if TC works it’s not an intelligent import process, just a file access method.