Andy Astbury's RawTherapee videos.

In the last few weeks @Andy_Astbury1 has put a few new RawTherapee videos online. He’s not that big a self-promoter, so I thought it a good idea to point them out to the pixls crowd.

I’ll put each in its own reply starting with this one:

Do this first to speed up your Raw Therapee Workflow (26:41)


3 Ways to Lighten Images + Simple Noise Reduction Curve Adjustments + Snapshots

Crop Tool Usage & Visualisation Problems (08:09)

Raw White Point, and Local Adjustment Spot Tone Mapping (16:47)

Clipped Highlights, Highlight Recovery and the Out Of Range Pink Thing (36:03)


Cheers Jacques :+1: :+1: :+1:


Nice work Andy…I enjoy your videos…They are a great resource for RT and editing photos in general…Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time…


Thanks Todd :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hello @Andy_Astbury1,
Your videos are an important source of inspiration for RT. My English is unfortunately not so good, so I don’t understand a lot of details, even if I watch the videso several times. It would be a great help if important steps and settings could be read as text - I can easily have them translated and that would help me to understand your great videos better and enjoy RT even more.

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Hi @Andy_Astbury1 , thanks a lot for your videos! I guess they answer a lot of my questions regarding difficult cases in RawTherapee! Must take a bit of time to watch them

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@Sunhillow Thank You :+1: :+1:

@micha Thank you :+1: As for text, can you think of a way I can do this that’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg, or a big amount of extra time in production?
I’ve tied a couple of speech to text apps but they have problems with my accent etc :rofl:

I’m a big fan of the RawTherapee video’s from Andy! I watch them all.
Many thanks for all hard the work!
I usually watch them at 1.25x speed. That saves me a lot of time :wink:

I’m also curious if Andy can teach us anything about photo editing in GIMP (after developing the photo in RawTherapee).
But I know he uses Photoshop for dodging, burning, etc.


@micha…have you tried turning on autotranslate and see how it does??

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@leendertv Cheers - my wife would put me on fast forward too!

GIMP - in order for me to do that I’d have to learn GIMP; me and it do not play nice together - I get so damn annoyed with GIMP because things I can do in a fraction of a second in Ps either take ages for me to find/work out, or worse still can’t be done at all.

Please keep in mind that I don’t ‘promote’ RT because it is FOSS - I promote it because, IMO, it is the best raw handler out there. The fact that it’s FOSS is for me just a happy accident.

Ps is, again IMO, the best RIP out there - that I know of. Again IMO, GIMP does not come close to Ps in terms of either ease of use or overall capability, but remember, that’s just the opinion of an overweight, jaded and grumpy old English git who has been in this business far too long for his own good perhaps :crazy_face:


The automatic subtitle generation in youtube seem to understand you quite good :+1:
But nonetheless, reading the subtitles distracts too much from the content of the videos

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Hello @priort,
oh, I didn’t know atuotranslate yet - it works quite excellently. If I can read in English while listening, it helps me a lot. Thanks for the tip.

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Another thanks to Andy for his insight, willingness (nay, enthusiasm!) to share, honesty and ability to teach. FWIW I use GIMP not because it’s a “Photoshop replacement” – which it isn’t, honestly – but mostly because I’m on LInux right now (never mind I’m cheap, too :laughing:). GIMP has its strengths and it’s improving, no doubt. They both have their place IMO. However, for the moment RT has my “learning brain cells” more than occupied.

Thanks again, Andy!


Hello @lphilpot,
I was very happy to see your comment about Gimp. I have always preferred Gimp, although I always had access to an version of PS. Gimp is enough for me, it can do a lot and I was a professional photographer and my demands are not small.

I have used it for Aurelien’s DT video’s and its not bad…it messes up a bit but you get the gist of it….

Also there is a French content creator that does ART videos that are excellent ….Carafife that has also some DT and RT video’s…