Angel in an old church

Hello, yesterday I met some friends in a very old and lovely French village, Châteauneuf-de-Mazenc. While walking the narrow streets (made for horses, not cars) we passed a little church with the doors wide open. So I entered and made some photos. The church isn’t abandoned, but one can say it needs some maintenance…

Back home I transferred the photos to my pc and I was happily surprised to see that i shot an angel, in the light spot on the right! The only things that puzzles me is what is that white dog with sunglassses doing next to her?? :wink:



The white spot is the wings. And it’s a he.

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A He, you’re right!

“Angels in art are often identified with bird wings, halos and divine light. They are usually shaped like humans of extraordinary beauty…”

I see all those elements in my photo ! :wink: