Animated .jpg to .mp4 video

I made an animated .jpg with effects and rotation. But cannot export the sequence into the format .mp4 or else. Well it did but only one frame as result.

Project 60 fps
Duration 60 frames

What is the process for the exportation?

Please show us a screenshot of the node graph and the write settings.

A small note: Avoid writing mp4 (h264 etc) in Natron, image sequence (png/tiff/exr) or MOV (ProRes) is recommended.

This is the .mov version

I’ve try all kinds of settings .mp4 24 fps 30 fps and 60 fps at different quality and codec hevc and h.264

And i also tried .mov but it takes 3 minutes to render but nothing appear in vlc

Try to render out image sequences, this is how professionals do it, for example *.png


@rodlie : maybe we should remove the option to render out *.mp4, since this seems to cause most of the trouble for new users.

Yeah, It’s not the container (mp4) that’s the issue, but the codec. It’s probably easier to enable what works :slight_smile:

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You keep asking people to provide project files and snapshot and then you disappear without providing any help whatsoever just like in this thread and so many others.

I’ve already converted the PNG sequence I exported from natron into a video file using shotcut but nevertherless the instruction provided in the documentation using ffmpeg are simple and can be done, but what I have a problem is that the output file looks nothing like what I had on the viewer.
Here is the project file
Water_Ripples.ntp (90.7 KB)

SENoise generates also an alpha channel in your graph, and IDistort sets the output alpha to the alpha from the UV input.
select alpha channel=1 in IDistort and you’re done.


always check the alpha channel of your outputs (press the “a” key in the viewer)

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