Another 4.6 import issue (massive # of errors)

I have just installed Zorin 17 (linux) before trying darktable 4.6 using flatpack, so all fresh install. When I go to import my images, I get errors for all 35,000 images. So, something fundamental is wrong. I have done nothing to customize either OS or DT in any significant way.

Besides asking if this is a known problem, I’m asking for some guidance on what/where to look for more info to explain why this is happening. My gut thinks it is a file permission setting that is wrong, since every image is rejected with an error.

Where are errors logged? Is there a debug mode I can put DT into to provide more info?

I’m an experienced DT user (3.8, 4.2, 4.4 under Windows) but never had a problem like this before!

I have uploaded a 1 minute screen capture video so you can see what happens.

Please try importing pictures from hard drive.
Please avoid recursive mode - There was another post pointing to an issue with recursive import.

The issue is that every one of the images produces an error and the errors all fly by so quickly I cannot read them. That’s all 35,000 of them.

Is there any place the import errors are logged? Some file I can look at?

I have selected the import location first. Then check off the recurse directories checkbox. Then the file list appears. Then I start the import and see all the error messages fly by.

I cannot avoid the recursive option because I have hundreds of directories to import.

I will try copying the library to the SSD drive from the USB drive first and see if that works for now.

Have you reported this to the devs (e.g. send bug report)?