Another Article Done


Another Article Done

Ian Hex and Luminosity Masks in darktable

2015 seems to be getting started nicely!

Just before the holidays Ian Hex sent me his finished tutorial to post, and I just finished editing it. It’s a wonderful look at using Luminosity Masks in darktable for targeted adjustments. (Parametric masks in darktable-speak). You can find the new tutorial here:

PIXLS.US: Luminosity Masks in darktable

On a side note, I had previously written about doing Luminosity Masks in GIMP on my personal blog, and yes I will be porting that tutorial here a little later!

Still Writing

I am still working on the Wavelet article (I took a break to copyedit Ian’s article). I am continuing my work on that article as well as taking a rudimentary first stab at an article index page (or possibly a variation for a main landing page for the site).

Just need to decide on an attractive and functional layout for presenting the list of articles we have available. I’m also open to suggestions if any of you readers out there have seen something that you think would be appropriate or neat to consider…

I am also open to taking submissions from folks who may have the mental fortitude to write something for the site. Just shoot me any ideas/sketches/outlines you think may be appropriate! ( in case you didn’t already have it…)

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